About Us

Sienna Pointe Vizslas is the creation of Cathy Gallagher. She, along with her husband Larry, own, care for, train, and love all of the dogs you will read about on this site.

Cathy's first Vizsla was "Kola", who is also the most titled SPV dog. Kola's love was really agility and field, but he also became a Champion with four and five point majors in the show ring! Kola was a wonderful boy, very easy to train and flexible in terms of activities and interactions with puppies, dogs and all people, especially his breeder, Tim Dyer, who he adored!!! Kiva was the second Vizsla in Cathy's life, born just two months after Kola. Kiva was bred by Gwen Tomlinson and Sharon and Carl Misiak. Kiva "pranced out of the womb into the world"! She was very showy and very athletic, as well! Kiva became our first foundation "Mommy", delivering two beautiful litters, including our sweet Jolie and Kody. Then came sweet Kave — the true agility Vizsla! Kave became a Champion at 10 months old and went on to train and compete in agility. He LOVED agility! Kave sired both of Kiva's litters and is also the sire of several other litters in Canada.

Cathy and Larry currently share their home with five beautiful, happy Vizslas! All of the dogs enjoy some sort of performance training on an ongoing basis — show, agility, field and obedience. Cathy is also very involved with the Vizsla Club of Illinois, is Past President (2005-2007) and was Director on the Board (2002-2005, and 2007-2010). Cathy also belongs to the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club, and Northwest Obedience Club, and is currently a Director on the Board of the Vizsla Club of America.