Puppy Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in our puppies! The following questionnaire will help us match the very best puppy for you, your family and your lifestyle.  Please answer all of the questions, then click the "Send" button at the bottom of the form.

Thanks for your time and honesty in filling out this questionnaire!

Personal Information


Spouse’s Name


Phone numbers
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Email address(es)

Occupation (yours and spouse’s)

How were you referred to Sienna Pointe Vizslas?

Please tell me a little about your family - names and ages of everyone living in your household:

Does anyone in your family have allergies to animals? If so, to what and how severe are they?

Please describe the location and layout of your home and yard: (ie, rural, fenced yard, dog run, city condo, etc)

Pet Information

Please tell me a little about the dogs (and other animals) that you currently own and/or have owned in the past - include breed, age when acquired, sex and were they spayed/neutered, any health or behavior issues, how long the animals lived, and/or if you no longer have the animal, why?

Current Pets:

Past Pets:

Do you mind if I call your vet for a reference?

No, I don’t mind. You may call my vet.

Yes, I do mind. Please do not call my vet.

What Do You Know About Vizslas?

Is this your first Vizsla?

Why have you decided to purchase a Vizsla?

Where did you learn about Vizslas?

What types of references have you used in researching the breed?

Books (please list below if you know the titles)

Internet sites (please lit URLs below)


Word of mouth

Visited breeders or shows

Have owned or known a Vizsla in the past

Qualities you like in Vizslas:

Qualities you would NOT want to see in a Vizsla:

Plans for This Puppy

What are you looking for in a Vizsla dog?  What kinds of activities will you engage in with your Vizsla? Agility?   Show dog?  An obedience partner? For breeding? Other? Please explain your plans for this puppy:

Do you prefer a male or female?


Are you planning to spay or neuter this dog?

Have you ever trained a dog before?

If yes, what type of training have you done?

Where do you plan to attend puppy classes?

Where do you plan to attend obedience classes?

Have you used a crate to train puppies/dogs?

Is anyone home during the day?  (Please expand a bit on your daily routine):

Where will the puppy sleep at night and be kept when there is no one home?

What are the activities, hobbies or exercises in which you and your family most often participate?

When you go on vacation, where will your dog go and who will care for it?

Why do you feel you could provide a good home for a puppy?

Situations You Might Encounter

If your puppy destroyed your favorite pair of shoes while you were out of the house, what would you do 1) upon your return? and 2) the next time you left the house?  Who was at fault?

If your puppy was constantly biting at your arms and clothes, what would you do?

If your puppy was always jumping up on guests, how would you stop it?


Please provide names, addresses and phone numbers of two personal references (not related) that you have know for at least two years:

Your Turn!

Please jot down any questions you would like to ask me about my dogs, Vizslas in general, my puppy sales agreement, etc.  THANK YOU!

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