Our Breeding Beliefs and Practices

We pride ourselves in being very honest and sincere breeders, dedicated to the health and happiness of our puppies and to the success and satisfaction of their owners. The top priority of Sienna Pointe Vizslas is to breed dogs that are healthy and happy, with excellent temperaments. After all, this puppy will be your beloved companion and family member for life!!! It is also our goal to breed for performance talent in agility, conformation, and the field. We only plan one or two litters per year, and we carefully match pedigrees, perform all of the health testing, and keep up-to-date on the research regarding possible health risks.

Puppies are whelped and raised in our home with dedication to their care, development, and socialization. We match puppies with families, carefully understanding the experience, composition and interests of a family with the puppy's temperament. We conduct a temperament test at 7.5 weeks old, and all prospective owners are invited to observe, learn, and interact with other experienced Vizsla owners. At Sienna Pointe, we spend a lot of time conditioning the behavior of our puppies so that they can comfortably make the transition from our home to yours. The first sixteen weeks of a dog's life are the window of opportunity in which we can affect this aspect of our dog's well-being, and we place a strong emphasis on socialization and preventative exercises. We focus on key areas of behavior, and you will need to pick up where we left off in this important facet of rearing your dog. We will supply you with everything you need to know to get this important work done, from day one, along with a lifetime of coaching — there is 'no silly question'. Mutually respectful and long-term relationships with families are of utmost importance to us.

All of our puppies will be registered with the AKC, will have a microchip, and will receive their first set of puppy shots and veterinary examination, all included in the price of the puppy. All puppies will have their dew-claws removed and their tails docked by our veterinarian. We also provide a contract that guarantees the puppy against hereditary defects and outlines the responsibilities of both the owner and the breeder. We will send you home with a binder with all of the critical information about your puppy such as puppy health records and development charts, and copies of the parents' health test certificates and pedigrees. You will also receive puppy care information, several books, a bag of premium food, a leash and collar, and some awesome puppy toys! We stand behind and support every puppy that we breed, for life. As a part of our contract, we expect that if at any time, for any reason you are unable to keep your Vizsla that we will take responsibility for the puppy or dog.

It is also a priority for us to provide support to owners through coaching and mentoring and by providing the opportunity for you to network with others, through face-to-face interactions and ongoing electronic communication. We do not require you to compete with your new puppy, but we do have some training requirements and will encourage and provide coaching in performance events if owners are interested. As breeders, we believe in dedicating ourselves to our puppies and our puppy buyers!!!