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CH Sunnyside's Coffee at Dawn NA NAJ CGC


What concentration! My favorite photo of Kav!

Kave at 10.5 years old snuggled on sofa!


Gorgeous boy jumper!!! Look at his sweet pawas crossed in front!

Kave is not only gorgeous but a talented agility boy! This picture is at our 2006 Nationals and Kave is almost 6 years old.


Kave show win in 2001. Baby Kav!

Little Kave's first show!


Kave, the demo dog at the VCOI Double Bubble!

Guess Who? Halloween 2010!


So proud!

Agility or show?


What's next, here I come!

When I first came to my new home, Kiva let me share the bed!


Kave at 6 weeks old!