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Sienna Pointe's Paradise


I just love my Mommie!

She loves to snuggle and play with me, too!


My Dad is really cool, and he takes me to work every day! I love the customers, but Cookie is the best!

What a handsome boy!


Hey guys, come on!

So glad you quite that kissing stuff! Let's walk!


Wait - is that a bird?

Time to rest a bit!


Why all the photos? Are these still for Gramma's website?

What a gorgeous view!


Yes, tell Chase that I am the most handsome! :-)

See my super sit!


I hear them!!!

Tell Auntie Kalei that I love my toys!


I know, she woudl rip them up if I let her play!

This is me at work!!! I hog the chair just like my Mommie, Kiira!


This is me and Mom walking! Isn't she soooo pretty!

Kiira's first litter - Orange Boy, Buffett, is on the left!