Litter Information

Kiira x Brick  (May 7, 2007)

Kiira and Brick had six lovely little puppies on Monday, May 7th!!!... two girls and four boys! She began her labor on Sunday, May 6th at 3AM, and her fist puppy was born almost 24 hours later, at 2AM on Monday, May 7th! Pink Girl was first to be born at 2AM, then came Green Boy, Blue Boy, Orange Boy and Yellow Boy! Lots of handsome boys! Purple Girl came at about 8:30AM! It was fun to see another sweet healthy girl! All are doing very well and snuggling and eating! Stay tuned for pictures and stories of their development!

Puppies (click for details)

Denver  (GCH CH Sienna Pte's Rocky Mtn's Best CD. RE. JH. Nosework Elite)
Kodi  (Sienna Pte's Charismatic Kodi)
Maggie  (Sienna Pointe's Magnificent Maggie)
Rally  (Sir Rally of Sienna Pointe JH)
Sandor  (Sienna Pointe Kiralyi Sandor)
Winston  (CH GCH BISS Sir Winston of Sienna Pointe)

On Point!

Did someone say "bird"?

Tunnel Fun!

More Tunnel Fun!

Love those trees and bushes!

Room for all of us! Three weeks old today!

So sleepy at three weeks old!

We love out new toys! 3 Weeks old!

We can squeeze together! 3 Weeks old!

We have a new play area now! 3 Weeks old.

Around in the Round Bed!

the sisters at 3 weeks old!

Brotherly Love! Three weeks!

Tired after playing at 3 weeks old!

So adorable when we sleep!

This is our first meal without our Mommie!

Green Boy loves his new dinner!

Purple Girl goes spread eagle to get her new food!

Orange Boy and Blue Boy get into their first dinner! Yummy cereal!

We share with our Mommie!

Blue Boy lookin'!

Gorgeous Mr. Green Boy!

Almost 4 weeks old!

Blue Boy on the top!

Pretty Pink Girl sleeping at nearly 4 weeks old.

So sweet cuddlin' at almost 4 weeks old!

We are now lovin' our toys!

And we have nice snuggly donut beds in our crates!

Eat, sleep, poop, pee, play, eat, sleep...

Pushin' 5 weeks old!

Cute puppy at 4 weeks old!

B;ue Boy at 4 weeks old.

Playing in our "fort" at 4 weeks old!

Blue Boy at 4 weeks old!

Blue Boy and Purple Girl relaxing after breakfast! They are five weeks and two days old!

Sweet Yellow Boy sleeping at 5 weeks old!

Blue Boy chewing the metal crate! Silly Boy!

Yellow Boy and Green Boy playing at 5 weeks old.

Handsome Orange Boy at 5 weeks old.

Sweet, social Blue Boy at 5 weeks old.

Puppies playing at 5 weeks old.

Orange Boy with toys at 6 weeks old!

Sleeping boys at 6 weeks old - Orange Boy and Yellow Boy!

Puppies snuggling in the corner at 6 weeks - they can keep an eye on Mommie this way!

Pink Girl watching at 6 weeks old!

Sweet Yellow Boy at 6 weeks old

Fifteen Days together!

Comfy pillow!

Carol and Robyn come to visit at 18 days!

Lookin' at you! 18 Days old!

Puppies at 18 days old!

Side-by-Side at 18 days old!

Sweet hug by Baby Blue Boy!

Pink Girl loves to cuddle her brother - or at least lay on top of them!

Puppy Pile at Twelve Days Old!

Love my sister!!! Twelve days old!

Breakfast time! We are twelve days old!

Snuggling sisters at twelve days old.

Snuggling brothers at twelve days old!

Mommie and her first born girl at 15 days old. How sweet!

We love our new beds!

Snuggles at 15 Days old!

Babies at two weeks old.

Chowtime! Two weeks old!

Lunchtime at 2 weeks old!

Puppies and Kiira on Day 3 - the day we go to the doctor's office to see Dr. Meiser, Shirley and Pat!

The basket is for carrying the puppies to the Vet!

Puppies go for a ride to see Dr. Meiser!

Sweet Auntie Loretta rides along to keep Kiira relaxed and comfortable!

Kiira and Brick's new Little Family!

Proud Mama! Day 3!

Snuggling is Kiira's favorite thing to do!

Three so far!

All but Purple Girl!

First Bath!

We return home exhausted and with shorter tails! Mom is tired, too, and hungry!!!

This is a tough job!

Kiira and babies at three days old!

Love those pups!

Kisses from Yellow Boy

We are so tired!

My Baby Blue Boy and I are very tired!

Eating breakfast on day 6!

Kiira and two sweet boys at 5 days old.

Three boys in a row at 5 days old!

Such a sweet Mommie at five days old!

Mommie cleaning babies at ONE WEEK old!

Getting so big! And very hungry!

One week old today!