Litter Information

Jolie x Chase  (June 15, 2007)

Jolie delivered six gorgeous puppies Friday, June 15th!!! The combination of Jolie and Chase should produce very sweet puppies with great temperaments and lots of versatile talent! Jolie is such a sweet, caring Mommie and is taking her new job very seriously!

Puppies (click for details)

Bella  (Sienna Pointe Isabella Lady)
Jenna  (Sienna Pointe Jolie's Jenna)
Koros  (Sienna Pointe's Koros Grande)
Little Gerry  (Sienna Pointe's Little Gerry)
Maggie  (Maggie Mae of Sienna Pointe)
Tater  (Sienna Pte's Red Bliss Tater)

Puppies and Dogs!!!

Tater, Maggie and Jenna 10 weeks old!

Jolie and Jenna playing at 10 weeks old!

Our first cereal meal was today! We loved it!!!

That's me, Green Boy. in the middle! I love my new food!!!

Yummy cereal! I am the one with cereal on my nose! Grandma fed me with her hand. Love, Green Boy!

It does get a little messy, but Grandma cleans us up and so does Mommie, Jolie! That's half the fun! Love, Green Boy!

We love it and we can eat without biting Mommie! Blue Boy dove right in!

And red Boy thinks that it is a swimming pool!

All done - time to rest and play with toys... oops we need the warm wash cloth!

Red Boy sleepin' on Corey's Lap!

All together!

Jolie and babies spending an evening together!

Purple Girl on top of the pack!

Puppy life!

This is our new play area and sleeping quarters! It has alot more room and we can run and play, too! We are now eating puppy food with our cereal! Mom does not like to feed us very much anymore. We have teeth and she growls at us when we are very hungry and dive into the milk bar!

Hi! This is me, Green Boy! I am so relaxed and this stretch feels so good!

We are so sweet and cuddly! This picture is of us at 4 weeks old!

We still love to snuggle, when we are not play fighting!

Aren't we gorgeous!

Nightie night!

Spunky Yellow Girl giving her siblings a run for their dog bones!

Well, Hello Miss Pink Girl! Almost 6 weeks old!

Little Miss Purple Girl at almost 6 weeks old.

Playing with Blue Boy at almost six weeks old.

Alittle water, Blue Boy?

Little snugglers at almost 6 weeks old.

Sweet Red Boy at almost six weeks old.

Purple Girl joins the boys at six weeks old.

Pink Girl and Yellow Girl at 5 weeks old!

Green Boy at 5 weeks old!

Sully keeping up with Heather!

Corey kissing the Jolie and Chase puppies at six weeks old! So cute!!!

Purple Girl sleeping so soundly at six weeks old!

Puppies snuggling at six weeks old!

Yellow Girl all stretched out at six weeks old!

Corey playing with the Jolie and Chase puppies at 6 weeks old!

Handsome boys! Human and canine!

Yellow Girl and Blue Boy with Chad!

Miss Yellow Girl and toys!

Yellow Girl exploring "outside" for the first time!

A tunnel? WOW! Pretty cool!

A Bird?

Red Boy and Pink Girl on point at 7 weeks old!

Pretty tired puppies after temperament testing day! Julie put us through the ropes, but we loved the "A Frame"! Especially Green Boy!

The tongue!

Gramma Cindy kisses little Bella good-bye as she goes to her new home in the City! We will see her often, we hope!

So sleepy after a day outside in the heat!

Playing with toys at 8 weeks old!

Puppy Pyramid at 3 weeks old!

Can you find six puppies???

Jolie and babies at 3 weeks old!

Three snuggly puppies! Three weeks old!

Puppies playing with new toys!

Snuggling with spot!

Just resting...

Mommie and I had a private dinner together! Love, Green Boy

Our happy family, minus Daddy! When is he coming to see us?

We are doing alot of playing and wrestling these days!

Lots of activity at 3 weeks old!

We climb and wrestle! The donut beds are fun, and so are the new toys!

Puppy pile at 18 days old!

Pretty Jolie resting in between feedings!

All sacked out!

Two weeks and two days old!

Eating breakfast at two weeks old!

Pink Girl sleeping so sweetly at 2 weeks old!

Sweet yellow Girl at two weeks old!

Sleepin at two weeks old! We love to snuggle up!

Right next to Mommie at 2 weeks old!

The Puppy Pile at 12 Days Old!

Sweet Yellow Girl at one week old!

All snugglin' in the Donut Bed!

New nursing position! HAH!

Up-side-down puppy at one week old.

Jolie watching over at 4 days old.

Bath time at 4 days old!

Jolie and Red Boy sleeping at 3 days old.

Snuggling puppies at 4 days old.

Sweet snugglers!

Baby Red Boy at 3 days old.

Jolie nursing her puppies in the first hours after delivery!

Jolie checking on her puppies during delivery!

Jolie during delivery!

Jolie with her first born baby girl!

Jolie with her first born baby boy, Red Boy, after his Daddy!

Jolie during delivery.

Jolie and her puppies at 2 days old!

Jolie with Pink Girl at 2 days old.

Jolie with her Red Boy at 2 days old.

Jolie keeping an eye on Kiira - "these are my puppies Miss Kiira!"

Jolie protecting her puppies at just 1 day old.

Jolie and her puppies at one day old!

Jolie and her puppies at 3 Days old! They have each gained 3-5 ounces! Yeah!!! Jolie is such a sweet, loving Mommie!

This picture is of Chase when he achieved his Championship title! What a handsome boy!!!

Miss Jolie! What a princess!

Baby Jolie at 6 weeks old!

Puppy Chase is the one in the front and middle! How sweet!!!