Litter Information

Jolie x Chase  (March 11, 2008)

Jolie delivered six gorgeous puppies in less than three hours beginning at 11:59PM on March 11th! We made it for Corey's 12th birthday! ... Happy Birthday to Corey LePoudre!!! They weighed between 11 ounces and 16 ounces, so that is why she was so big! All are eating and very alert and active! This is a repeat breeding of Jolie and CH Chase Your Dreams at Sienna Pte JH, aka "Chase"! Their first litter is so perfect that we decided to do a repeat breeding!!! Jolie is an excellent Mommie who not only loves to whelp and care for babies, but enjoys playing and interacting with them as they grow and develop into sweet little puppies! She helps to socialize them and to teach them! We still own sweet little Jenna out of Jolie's 2007 litter with Chase, who is making her debut in the show ring and adding to the smiles and fun at the Gallagher home! The entire litter is wonderfully sweet, social, confident, gorgeous and typie, and talented! These new little guys will be just as sweet and talented!

Puppies (click for details)

California "Jack"!  (Sienna Pointe's California Jack)
Enzo  (Sienna Pointe's Red Ferrari)
Kirby  (Kirby - Sienna Pointe's Gift of Kings)
Kona  (Kona Kave' at Sienna Pointe)
Reze  (Jolie's Rezes Penny at Sienna Pointe JH)
Riley  (Sienna Pointe Jolie's Riley Shea)

Kisses from Blue Boy!

Sweet Blue Boy!

Green Boy and Grandpa Kave!

Of course everyone will pick me!

Pink Girl and Yellow Girl playing!

Purple Girl and Yellow Girl wrestling!

Corey cuddles Purple Girl after shots!

Four cuties! Yellow Girl, Red Boy, Green Boy and Purple Girl!

We get really sleepy after breakfast! This is me, Green Boy in the middle! My sisters Pink Girl and Yellow Girl on by my side!

It is getting tight quarters around the dinner bowl!

More dinner! Yummy!

We love to play!

Playing and playing!

Green Boy and Purple Girl snugglin'!

Purple Girl's sit point!

Sweet Blue Boy!

Green Boy!

Pink Girl!

Red Boy!

Yellow Girl and Sleeping Blue Boy!

Pink Girl and Purple Girl!

Matt and six puppies! We have new baby puppy collars - they are not our "going home collars" 'cause we are growing so fast we will need bigger ones! Today we were each between almost 6 and 7.5 pounds!

Sweet Blue Boy saying hello!

Almost six weeks old!

Pink Girl (red collar) and Red Boy! Six weeks old!


Chewing Purple Girl! "My Mommie, Jolie, taught me this!"

This is our cool new house! We have crates and more toys and soft beds! Lots more room to play (and to go potty)! Green Boy did the "zoomies", running everywhere, he was so excited!

Another view of our new house!

We can sleep in all arrangements - all girls, all boys, or a combo - today all six of us were in one crate together!

Yellow Girl in the Yellow Donut Bed!

This is our first cereal! Yummy!

What fun it is to eat together!

It tastes better on Green Boy!

And there is still Mommie!

Our tummies are very full and now we are snugglin!

What cute "spoons" from Purple Girl!

Blue Boy and toys!

What is Purple Girl doing now?

I hope they are really liking that new cereal! :-)

Hi! This is Pink Girl and this is my favorite sleeping spot!

This is us playing on Day 24!

Just resting at 3 weeks old.

Aren't we gorgeous!

We had a big day today with MANY visitors!

Our little home is so cozy!

So sweet!

Hello Purple Girl!

Dinner time at three weeks old!

Yellow Girl the tail-biter!

Playing and barking!

Play girls!

Play boys!

Ouch Green Boy!

We had a very busy weekend!

Lots of visitors this weekend! Fun, but we are very tired!

We are all stretched out at 19 days old!

Wow what a crowd we are now!

This is our afternoon nap at 19 days old!

Bellying up to the milk bar at 19 days old!

This is Blue Boy's new nose tucking trick!

Green Boy learned to stick out his tongue from Grandpa Kave!

Green Boy sleeping with our new toys!

Green and Yellow snugglers!

Pink and Blue snugglers!

Red and Purple snugglers!

Pink Girl biting Blue Boy's face! Mom said we should not do this!


More playing!

Purple Girl squished!

Purple Girl and her visitors!

Puppies at 18 days old... so sweet!

The puppies are two weeks old and Green Boy is the first to open his eyes! We had our nails trimmed today, too!!!

Precious Jolie and her babies at two weeks old!

Purple Girl and Blue Boy snuggling with "Spot" the stuffed puppy warmer! Cute ear!

Breakfast on our 17th day old! Look at how big we are!

We love piling up on each other to sleep! Blue Boy and Purple Girl are still trying to open their eyes! Mine were open at 13 days old! I may be the smallest right now, but I can see the best! Love, Green Boy!

So comfy! I am the cute one on the right! Love Yellow Girl!

Just relaxing after dinner - no TV down here!

Green Boy is practicing "neck cuddling" for his new owners!

Now just three of us fit comfortably at 12 Days old!

Me and Blue Boy are the same weight at 12 Days old! Love, Purple Girl

We had a busy days today - we started to walk! It is fun but made us sooooo tired! This is our puppy pile!

Yep! A really busy day of walking!

We were born just one week ago!!!

Getting bigger each day!!! Red Boy gained 12 ounces in one week!

Six little snugglers at 6 days old!

Now we take up about 1/4 of the whelping box!

Where's our sister Yellow Girl?

We are doin' just dandy!

My puppies really love me!

They even sleep on my arms, head and tail!

Green Boy loves to rest his head on us!

We love to hug!

It is Wednesday, March 29th and Mom is caring for us - cleaning, etc. She is a great Mom! She loves to toss us on our backs with her nose! It does not hurt 'cause of this nice furry mat! Love, Blue Boy

Gramma weighed us, trimmed our nails, snuggled a little (I heard a human heartbeat) and then back to breakfast and naps with Mom! Love, Purple Girl

I love this new comfy bed and can now climb into it! Love, Yellow Girl P.S. Red Boy and Blue Boy climbed out!

We are just relaxing and hanging around at 10 days old!

We have doubled our weight in 8 days! We are all about two pounds each!

We forgot to tell Blue Boy the plan!

Patty cake, patty cake!

What are you doing, Winston?

Those are pretty babies, Jolie! Love, Winston

Look at how big we are at 11 days old!

Winston, please stay off the fence - it is like an earthquake when you jump up and you scare me and my puppies!!!

Breakfast of Champions at 4 days old!

Very hungry after a day at the vet! Our tails are shorter! :-(

Keeping warm at 4 days old!

So cute!

Blue Boy all stretched out!

Lovely Yellow Girl at Four Days Old!

Sweet snugglers!

Pretty Pink Girl at Four DAys Old!

Yellow Girl was the first born at 11 ounces at 11:59PM!

Purple was next at 15 ounces!

Red Boy makes three at 16 ounces!

Blue Boy arrived just in time for the first big breakfast! He was 14 ounces!

Pink Girl was number six at 12 ounces!

Breakfast and a shower at the same time!

Jolie cleaning Yellow Girl before her second delivery!

Jolie helping out - she is good at multi-tasking!

Belly up to the milk bar! Yummy!

Time for breakfast!

You go Purple Girl!!!

Time for breakfast but I can't leave the babies!

Sweet Jolie after delivery

This Mommie stuff is hard work! I am beat!

Sleeping babies after one day!

Jolie plus six on day 2!

Boy is it hot in here! March 11th at 6AM

Jolie resting prior to delivery!

I've got to make my nest for my babies!!! Heck with the whelping box - this blanket looks pretty nice!

Green Boy was fourth and reminds me of Grandpa Kave at 11 ounces!