Litter Information

Jolie x Brick  (December 15, 2008)

Jolie had her puppies on December 15th, as we thought! They are just beautiful and immediately had a "breakfast of champions," as Tony the Tiger would say!! :-) Cathy started her new job with Kellogg Company on their birthday, and Jolie was so planful, having the puppies between 1:15AM and 4:30AM, so Cathy would not be too late for work! :-) The puppies are almost 6 weeks old and the litter temperament test will be on February 1st (SuperBowl Sunday!). Familes will all be present and it should be an informational and fun afternoon!

Puppies (click for details)

Bailey  (Sienna Pointe's Bailey Wet and Wild)
Elsa  (Sienna Pointe's Lady Elsa at Daybreak)
Fury  (Sienna Pointe's Furious Hunter)
Mosby  (CH Sienna Pointe's It Must Be Mosby!)
Zoltyi  (Sienna Pointe's Zoltyi)

Hi! Gramma and her friends, Robyn and Jim Doescher, gave us string cheese and helped us to stand pretty. This is me first! What a handsome head!

This is my profile! Oh my I am cute!

Another handsome side view.

Even the view of my hind-end is pretty nice! :-) My brother and sisters' pictures are coming in a day or two!

This is "Bailey" (AKA "Purple Girl") and her new Mommie, Sharon.

We are so beautiful! Julie is going to love us! :-) Green Boy, Orange Girl and Purple Girl.

Don't we have beautiful heads!

Us Girls! Yellow Girl's belly!

We are almost 7 weeks old!

Yellow Girl at almost 7 weeks old!

Lookin' at YOU!

This is our house and we love playing on our beds!

Sweet Yellow Girl with her new collar!

Sherree and puppies! We are now between 7 and 8 1/2 poinds each! You can probably guess who is biggest! But Green Boy is catching up to his brother! They are less than 8 ounces different now!

Gramma started using the dremel tool on our nails - really soft sound and just a "tad"! It is way better than trimming! Our owners will need to do this twice a week for a while and then once a week!

Gramma wants to apologize for looking so ugly! :-)

This is Peggy playing with us! We LOVE her hair!

The "look" from Orange Girl!

Just hangin' around at almost 6 weeks.

Green Boy, Purple and Orange sleeping! Aren't we cute! Budha belly!

Chip and the boys!

Hi! This is me, Orange Girl at almost 6 weeks old - with my new Orange Puppy Collar!

HI! This is me, sweet Blue Boy! I have a new Puppy Collar, too!

Blue Boy and Yellow Girl at almost 6 weeks old!

Blue Boy is "play biting" Miss Yellow Girl!

Green Boy loves his toys! This one is new!

Hi! This is me, pretty Purple Girl!

Purple Girl and Green Boy at almost 6 weeks old.

This is "Leaping Orange Girl"! :-)

Yellow Girl playing with toys!

Orange Girl and Yellow Girl with their new collars - we will have new ones to go home at 8 weeks! These are temporary, until we get bigger!

Yellow and Purple Girls!

Yummy food!

Green Boy and his buddies Blue Boy and Yellow Girl playing at almost five weeks old!

This is our new house! It is relaly BIG! We can even run fast in here!

Chip likes to get down in the house and play with us! He is really fun and Orange Girl like his mustache!

Our new play house is very nice and we have FOUR nice big beds, too!

There are four beds, but we try to all get into ONE!

Hi! This is me, Orange Girl! Gramma puts the towels down really nice and I like to pull them and mess them up! It drives her crazy but she plays with us while she fixes them back! HAH

Hi! This is our second meal of cereal. We love it!

Yummy cereal!

Gramma says that we are getting bigger space since we are so big!

What do you think of our new space? Love, Orange Girl

We still love to snuggle! This is us puppies at 4.5 weeks old!

We love our new cereal and tomorrow Gramma will add some ground puppy food like Mommie has been eating! Yummmmie!

This is our first non-Mommie meal!!!

Orange Girl with cereal-nose!

Blue Boy with cereal nose!

That was yummy! Back for more!

Snuggling with Dom! I think it is Blue Boy.

Dom doing a puppy snuggle with Blue Boy!

Yellow Girl ear-biting at 4 weeks old!

Yellow Girl at 4 weeks old!

New toys at 4 weeks old! We are loving to play.

Hi! This is Purple Girl - I look very sweet and loving, right? Just watch me play with my sisters and brothers!

This is my right hook to Orange Girl!

This is my punch to Blue Boy!

This is me biting Green Boy's tail!

Yellow Girl: "Hey Mom, I know you are over there!!! We are hungry!"

This is us cuties at 23 Days old!

3 weeks old!

3 weeks old!

3 weeks old!

3 weeks old!

Us puppies at 20 days old!

We have new bigger puppy beds now! Gramma Marty's toe is also in the picture! She came to visit us!

This is us snoozin' with a few of our new toys! We can't fit together in our old small beds! We're hangin' out!

Gramma Marty came to visit us today! She came all the way from Colorado just to see us (and her human grand-boy in Chicago! She was so happy to see us!

Gramma Marty thinks we are soooo pretty! She thinks we look like Daddy! We know Daddy is handsome!

Gramma says that Mom is getting tired! We know that she loves us, but we do drink alot!

Isn't our Mommie so pretty! Did we give her some grey hairs? She uses our puppy beds for pillows!

We had a big day of visitors on Saturday! First Gramma Marty, then Sherrie and Dom, then Chip and Peggy, and finally the Gehring family and those kids LOVE to play with us!!! We are sooo tired! But happy!

Hi! This is me, Purple Girl! Aren't I sooo pretty!

WOW! Almost three weeks and what a beautiful front!

Chip visits and snuggles! Brewski and Winston want to come in too, because they love Chip! He gets on the floor and plays with them!

Peggy thinks we are sooo sweet!

Gramma did our nails and we did not like it too much, but Peggy hugged us and kissed us afterwards, so that made it all good!

This is me, Yellow Girl in the bed all to myself!

We love to find a warm snuggling spot together!


Mr. Green Boy on New Year's Day!

Boys playing with each other on New Year's Day.

Green Boy and Orange Girl playing on New Years Day!

Hi Yellow Girl! Your eyes are almost open today! Happy New Year!

Yellow Girl and Purple Girl looking for Mom on New Years!

Hi! This is me, Green Boy, and I can go potty on my own now!

Playing in the New Year!

We have some new toys to teach us to climb and play in the New Year!

We are now interacting alot more with each other!

Our eyes are open and ears are open, but we still have wrinkly faces! No, we are NOT Chinese Shar-Peis! HAH!

This is us snoozin' at 18 days old!

Mom is still taking care of cleaning us even though we can potty on our own!

We are sleeping after a long day of walking and observing new things!

We are just hanging out in our little house! That is me, Yellow Girl, with my mouth open!

Snuggling in a pile!

Yellow Girl at 15 days old!

Orange Girl at 15 days old!

Orange Girl walking! I was the first to open my eyes, too!

Green Boy zonked after a big day of exercise.

Would someone wake up and play with me?

Nope! We are all too tired and we just had dinner!

Come on bro... will you wake up!

Well, at least I have Mom all to myself!

NEWS FLASH! We are walking! Blindly but walking!

We are snuggling in the corner! :-)

We have a huge puppy pile in the corner! Fun!

HAH! I am pinning Purple Girl! :-)

Me, Yellow Girl, sleeping so soundly, up-side-down!

We are all at the Milk Bar at Twelve Days old!

Mom is so patient and sweet! She is getting out more and leaves us for a few minutes at a time! This morning she smelled chicken cooking upstairs and left for about 15 minutes! We slept!

Silly Sox fell asleep on our new puppy scale! He is 8.5 pounds! :-)

I think he liked the soft fluffy blanket that Gramma put there for us baby puppies!

Merry Christmas! Gramma woke up early to fee Mom and to weigh us, as usual! We are TEN days old today! Orange Girl is starting to pull herself up on her feet! We are moving in our box as fast as we can when Mom jumps in to fee us! We take up alot more space at the "milk bar" now!

We are sleeping on Christmas morning while Mom eats her breakfast (puppy food and chicken breasts!). She'll jump in and wake us up soon! Merry Christmas!

HI! It is Christmas Eve and Gramma says that when we wake up there will be presents!

All of us eating on Christmas Eve!

Blue Boy is finished eating and allowed us to have the leftovers! HAH!

Hi! Well, we are getting soooo big that we need to share TWO little beds now! At eight days old Blue Boy tops the scale at 30 ounces - almost 2 POUNDS! I am the cutest and smallest at 21 ounces! Love, Yellow Girl

This is me snoozin' - aren't I cute! It took me a few turns and grunts and squeals to find the best spot with my head on the edge!

No, Yellow Girl, I am the cutest! Love, Miss Purple!

We LOVE milk! Gramma says that there is even better stuff to come when we are 3 or 4 weeks old! But we can't even imagine!

Guess who is on top of the pile at the Milk Bar going for the biggest milker! Yep! You got it! :-)

WOW! We got our first pedicure and it took the energy out of us! Gramma tried to cuddle us but it was still scarey - but no bleeding! Blue Boy was the loudest! Yellow Girl was the squirmiest!

Hi! It is me, Orange Girl, on the top! Green Boys loves to snuggle! And, he is a great pillow!

All five of us in a row! Blue Boy weighed in at 19 ounces this morning! I think he is a moose! HAH! Purple and Orange Girls are 16 ounces, and me and my sister, Yellow Girl are 14 ounces! We are the cutest, of course! Love, Green Boy

This new little puppy nest is very comfy! And, we can all fit together so far!

"X" marks our spot! Yellow Girl is underneath, in case you wondered!

Hi! This is Purple Girl! I found this awesome tiny bed in our box and Yellow Girl joined me! It is very comfy!

We almost made a line! But we forgot to tell Green Boy about the plan! Blue Boy has some gas, I think! Love, Orange Girl

We are so tired after nursing on Mom!

Two sisters side-by-side!

It is Day Three and we hare having our nightly bathing! We had our dewclaws and tails done today - ouch! But the Doctor said that we were beautiful and we did not cry too much! They used a laser on our tails so they would not bleed too much and would be pretty!

Mom's milk is coming in really good! Yummy!

Hi! This is me, Purple Girl, snuggling with my Mom! She's the best!

The boys are snuggling and Yellow Girl likes to be near them!

Our Mom is so sweet!

My puppies love to sleep on my head! :-) They are very sweet and, of course, gorgeous like me! Do you like my new collar that Mom got at the Christmas Dog Shows? It is very comfy with soft cloth on the inside next to my beautiful neck! Blue Boy loves it!

This is me and my babies on Day 2 - we are very happy and resting after our big birthday! Everybody gained one or two ounces says Mom - she steals them away to put them on this little scale to make sure they are growing! Love, Jolie

Here are Jolie's and Brick's first three puppies born! They were all born within 45 minutes, so we were very busy! Blue Boy, then Yellow Girl and then Orange Girl!

Then came little Green Boy, just 25 minutes later!

They were all very active and very good agility dogs at just an hour old! :-)

Last was Purple Girl! So sweet!

All the puppies snuggling on the warm towel under the heat lamps!

Jolie is such an attentive Mommie, keeping her babies clean!

All having breakfast on day 1!

Thanks for the treat, Mom! Yummy! And I had chicken thighs and sirloin burgers for breakfast!

What a good little Mommie, Jolie!

Brick at Nationals 2006

Pretty Miss Jolie of Sienna Pointe!

Brick on point!

My sweet Jolie at 3 years old.

Jolie in the show ring!

Brick at the Eukanuba

Handsome Brick is on the left with Jessica, Denver and Tad in the middle, and Winston and Cathy on the right. Brick wins 1st place in the VCA 2008 Nationals Stud Dog competition with his handsome sons (Kiira puppies)!

Happy Jolie!