Litter Information

Jenna x Brick  (May 27, 2010)

Jenna gave birth to six gorgeous Brick babies this evening - FIVE girls and one beautiful boy! She did such a good job for her first litter! This will be a summer litter of sweet, gorgeous performance dogs and lovely family members! Puppies would go home the 3rd week of July. Jenna is a trained service dog and also enjoys agility. She has a very good nose for hunting, and she will get back into the field soon! Brick is a Master Hunter and show champion, winning Best of Breed at the Eukanuba Dog Show in 2003. This will be a wonderfully, sweet, talented litter!

Puppies (click for details)

Kona  (Sienna Pointe's Kona)
May  (Sienna Pointe Is Cash Money May)
Pete  (Sienna Pointe's Pistol Pete)
Sedona  (Sienna Pointe's Brilliant Sedona Sunrise)
Sophia  (Sienna Pointe's Martuska Sophia)
Xena  (Sienna Pointe's Golden Girl Xena)

Comfy place to hang my head! :-)

Yummy plants!

Sweet Orange Girl in the baby donut bed.

I think I can do it this time!

Sacked out in the tunnel!

Hi Gramma! The other girls are sleepin'!

Tunnel Fun! We LOVE our orange tunnel!

Girls playing in the water bowl!

Purple Girl on point! Our first day outside at 5 1/2 weeks old!

Green Boy watching his littermates!

Orange Girl resting on the cool grass!

Yellow Girl - boy is it hot out here! The grass is very cool and comfy, too!

Purple zonked after playing with her sisters and brother.

We played outside today and then had to take a short nap!

Orange Girl sleeping on White Girl, ith Green Boy looking to snuggle in, too!

We are sleeping in our cozy new crates!

Sometimes sleeping outside our crates is necessary!

But we have these awesome new beds!

And we can snuggle like we did in our puppy pen!

There is plenty of room for our own space, too!!!

The toy box seems like a great place to hide and take a snooze!

We got some cute new puppy collars today! This is me, Orange Girl and Purple Girl is sleeping!

I was trying to sleep here!

Purple Girl sleeping after some fun play with her brother and sisters!

We are all tired - lots of playing!

All six of us are sleeping! Cute collars!

Did I hear Mommie coming?

Sorry White Girl, but I needed a place for my paw! Green Boy loves his big basketball!

Green Boy and White Girl - the sports fans!

This is Yellow Girl - my collar is kind of like mustard, but I really think it is pretty!

I am a sweetheart, every body says so!

It is raining outside, so it is a lazy day today!

This is our first cereal meal and boy is it yummy!!! Love, Purple Girl!

It is yummy to lick off our paws or out of the bowl!

We started out a bit slow but ate the WHOLE DISH!

We are so happy that we get both cereal and Mommie's milk! Yummy!!!

WOW! We got so big! :-) Three weeks old!

We are all snuggly in our clean house!

Jenna and her Yellow Girl snoozin'!

We are THREE WEEKS old today and Gramma brought us lots of new toys and cleaned our house so nice! We weigh between 3 pounds and 3 3/4 pounds this morning and love to make fun noises! We are beautiful! :-)

Relaxing together on a rainy Saturday morning! Two weeks old and beginning to talk!

I am really enjoying my babies now! They have their eyes open, are moving around alot, and they are barking and making funny noises! Very silly!

Mommie and babies sleeping at 2 weeks old! Our eyes are opening and we are beginning to be more active! Less noisy, too! Now that we can see, we are not fussy!

Yes, all six of us are here! :-)

White Girl had her own bed this time, so just five snugglers!

This is sweet White Girl snuggled in her own donut bed!

Sweet Mommie!

Green Boy snuggling next to Mommie!

Purple Girl right across my neck!

White Girl showing her belly!

Jenna in the puppy bed - kinda tight for nursing...

We are getting quite cozy at the milk bar!

Six in a row at the milk bar!

Puppies nursing at one week old!

Jenna, you are a bit big for the puppy bed!

This is Orange Girl and Green Boy in the little pink bed! They love the new beds!

A puppy pile in the new pink puppy bed! Green Boy and White Girl are buried! But cozy!

The puppies eyes are still closed! :-)

My babies are soooo sweet! And they really love me, or maybe just my milk! Pink Girl cries for me when she cannot find the milk! So needy! :-)

Can you believe that they sleep on my face!

Good morning - I am getting used to this "Mommie-thing" and LOVE my gorgeous babies!

Good morning! We are eating alot! At two days old were are almost all at 1 pound! Purple Girl is just 14 ounces! We are so pretty!

Taking a little nap on day 3!

Puppy pile ON MOM at three days old!

That's Green Boy under there, already dominated by his five sisters!

My babies are doing just great and I am the BEST mommie! I had this dream (nightmare) that six babies came out of my belly yesterday! Man did it hurt, but it is so worth it - they are just perfect, like me! I am much skinnier today! I went from 54 pounds yesterday to 46 pounds today! Most of it now is milk for my babies. My normal weight is 38!

Jenna's first litter of puppies! Five gorgeous girls and one handsome boy!

Jenna is cleaning her first puppy girls!

Nursing Miss Pink Girl, but there are still five babies in there!

First three girls playing while Mommie continues delivery.

Five babies in a basket!

Jenna caring for her first two girls.

Protecting and loving...

I am still very hungry and thirsty - I think I am feeding an army of babies!

It feels good to just sit and rest a minute, even though I want to chase the boys.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe what is happening to my body!

I have no idea why I am doing this.

Nice profile, right?

I am feeling so "full"! Just let me be.

Miss Jenna at four months old!

Brick on point!

Brick at 2006 Nationals

Jenna swimming at our new favorite place... Four Paws Resort!

Jenna and Cathy at Nationals in November 2009.

Jenna and Jolie in the "maternity ward"! Jolie is mentoring! :-)