Litter Information

Carly x Kody  (March 26, 2015)

Carly delivered five beautiful babies March 26th! Three handsome baby boys and two beautiful baby girls!

Puppies (click for details)

Copper  (Sir Copper of Sienna Pointe)
Molly  (Sienna Pointe's Good Golly, Miss Molly!)
Roman  (Sienna Pointe's RomN Devon-Rizzo)
Skyler  (Sienna Pointe's Skyler Blue)
Tarea  (Sienna Pointe's Sweet Tarea Sedona Red)

Hi - We have this new really awesome ball and I love to sit and look at everything WAY up high! (Blue Boy)

Blue Boy is hogging the ball! :-( (Red Boy)

6 weeks old! Sweet Orange Girl resting after breakfast.

This purple tunnel is a great place for a short nap!

We just had a great breakfast and some new crunchy treats! Yum! (Yellow Girl and Green Boy)

YAY! Mommy is back! Let's play!

I think we overwhelmed Mommy! She is watching from on top of the crate!

Six Weeks old - Resting on top of one another on last day at Camp Denni! We love Miss Denni and Mr. David! Thank you so much for caring for us so well!

Week Six! We have a new bouncing ball to climb on! So fun!

Week six! Mr. Blue was the first up and has claimed his spot on our new bouncing ball!

Five weeks old! We just arrived at Camp Denni! We are excited! And Mommie will miss us but we will be back in about 10 days!

Five Weeks old - Green Boy sleeping in crate after a fun time at Camp Denni!

Tired Puppies 0 Day 15!

Cute little family!!! Day 15

So darned sweet! Carly says she has the prettiest puppies in the world!

Day 10! Do you believe how big they are getting!!! :-)

I love my babies!!!

Miss Yellow Wins the Prize, first to open her sweet little eyes!!!

So cuddly - Miss Yellow, Miss Orange and Mr. Red Boy!

The Boys! and the Girls Day 3!

Carly cleaning baby Blue Boy!

Snuggling baby girls!

Baby bellies Day 5!

Sweet Carly and her babies on Day 4

Carly watching me on Day 5 with sweet babies!!!

Carly getting ready to have her babies! What's the hold up? Maybe someone is stuck?

Carly panting - when will those babies be born?

Yes, I know they are beautiful! Who would expect anything less! :-)

My babies are very food motivated! They will love agility and nosework!

Wow! I was not even awake and these babies were drinking milk at the milk bar!

Home sweet home! We love our box! So warm and cozy!