Litter Information

Finley x Vladimir  (September 15, 2015)

Finley had her babies on September 15, 2015 and she had eight lovely pups! Six Girls and Two Boys! All babies are with their new families! :-) See their web pages and many cute pictures by going into their "gallery".

Puppies (click for details)

Andi (Miranda)  (Sienna Pointe's Miraculous Angel)
Dani (Danika)  (Sienna Pointe Angel's Morning Star)
Jogi  (Grand Duke Jogaila of Sienna Pointe)
May  (Sienna Pointe's Mayday Mayday Mayday)
Pitzur  (Sienna Pointe Pitzur Reka)
Rosie  (Sienna Pointe's Sweet Rosie Roo)
Shiloh  (Sienna Pointe's Autumn Gift)
Zoey  (Sienna Pointe's Zoey)

Puppy pile at 20 days old!

Mr Black Boy at 20 days old!

Finley and Babies Day 4! All growing and active!

Day Two - we rotate four by four and eat/sleep!

First four girls!!!

A boy!

Denni's detailed notes! WOW! What a good assistant whelper!

"ALL MINE? Gorgeous!"

Who said EIGHT? :-) You win!

First five are girls! Then she takes a rest and has Green Boy, Pink Girl and finally Black Boy! Two Boys and Six Girls!

Delivery day! First contractions.

On day before delivery! Feelin' full!

Finley and Charlie at the Rosemont Christmas Cluster of dog shows in December 2014. This was her 3rd major!

This is Finley (on the right) with her new younger "sister" Emery. Fin is soooo tolerant and sweet with this wild little puppy girl!

Miss Finley is a New Champion! DeKalb, Illinois - April 2015! She finishes with FIVE majors! Yay Fin!!!

Sweet, handsome Vladimir!

Vladimir goes Best of Opposite Sex at our Regional Specialty Show in conjunction with VCA Nationals May 2015.

Vladimir wins "Select Dog" at the VCA National Dog Show in Sandusky, Ohio, May 2015

Mr. Vlad show boy! He is sooooo handsome!