Litter Information

Finley x Sky  (September 13, 2017)

Finley and Sky had nine beautiful babies on September 13, 2017, six girls and three boys! I had one family have to back out of their puppy reservation - I do have one puppy available on our list. The puppies would go to homes about Thanksgiving time. Please complete and questionnaire and notify me if you might be interested. These puppies are truly stellar!!!

Puppies (click for details)

Anubis  (Sienna Pointe's Egyptian Goddess)
Clover  (Sienna Pointe's Luck of the Irish)
Copper  (Sienna Pointe's Copernicus Mason)
Flame  (Sienna Pointe's Fire on High)
Georgia  (Georgia Idiculla of Sienna Pointe)
Oakley  (Sienna Pointe's Made in the Shade Oakley)
Rooney  (Sienna Pointe's By My Side Shotgun Rooney)
Rudy  (Sienna Pointe's Rockin' Rudy)
Scout  (Atticus Finch's Scout of Sienna Pointe)