Litter Information

Kalei x Brick  (July 18, 2010)

Kalei and Brick had six sweet babies on July 18, 2010! They all have wonderful homes! Three beautiful baby girls and three handsome boys! They were delivered at 6:30AM on Sunday, July 18th with a c-section surgery. These puppies are excellent performance dogs, as well as wonderfully sweet family members! Kalei and Brick are both in excellent health and proven top producers, as well as very loving and gorgeous! Kalei was Best in Show puppy at 6 months old and Brick won Best of Breed at the Eukanuba National Dog Show! They both have that extra "spunk" and attitude that it takes to excel at everything they do!

Puppies (click for details)

Carly  (CH Sienna Pointe's You're so Vain)
Glory  (Morning Glory of Sienna Pointe)
Harley  (Kaleidoscope's Blue Harley of Sienna Pointe)
Kobe  (GCH CH Sienna Pointe's Prime Choice)
Penz  (Pensive Pointing Penz of Sienna Pointe)
Roxy  (Sienna Pointe's Roxy Skye)

Just hangin out.. Green Boy, Pink Girl and Yellow Girl!

Mr Turq sleeping!

Yellow Girl hungging her sister!

I love my Bro!

Hi! It is me, Yellow Girl, resting my head on our water bowl! Gramma thought is was funny!

Silly sleeping girls!

We are playing HARD and sleeping HARD these days!

We love our toys and sleeping bag!

Here we come! Turq, Yellow and Orange!

I think this is Orange Girl?

This is our bigger blue tunnel for outside, but it was early in the morning, so we played inside!

We love leaves!

Handsome Blue BOy... thinking!

Me, Yellow Girl, slepping with our duck!

Mr. Turq taking the steps!

Mr Turq on point!

We will be great agility dogs!

Perfect hips! :-)

Jenna holding "class"!

Snoozin' again! Play, sleep, eat, potty, sleep, play, ...

Mr. Blue Boy - "what's going on down there?"

More lessons from Jenna...

We also love to play with Jen!

"Where did you guys go?" Blue Boy

We got to go outside yesterday and it was really scary at first! The grass flet prickly! Funny noises, even a huge bird in the sky. Grampa Richie said it was not a bird but a "plane"! We started to like the grass, but did not dare go down the stone stairs! Maybe today!

YES! I agree with Yellow Girl that the stairs and patio were too scary! Very steep hill and when we began to run, we went too fast and began to roll! Too scary! Cousin Jenna told us it was fun to run on the hill! Maybe when we get bigger!

Sweet Blue Boy and Orange Girl with toy!

Orange Girl snuggling with Blue Boy!

BGlue Boy snuggling with the water bowl! :-)

Green Boy and Mr. Turq - sleepin!

Pretty Miss Yellow Girl all stretched out!

More Orange Girl and Blue Boy - can he breathe?

Hi! We are five weeks old and Green Boy is 7 pounds! I am about 6 1/2 pounds (Pink Girl)! Yellow Girl is playing with me. We all LOVE toys, love to play and love our big dog friends who visit us from outside our pen! This is one of their toys that Brewski gave us!

This is me, Pink Girl, and I already sit very pretty!

The ears on this new toy are really fun!

And then there is our big orange tunnel! Green Boy likes the ties!

This is me, Mr. Turq! I am just hanging in our cozy crate! We have big puppy food now and my tummy is very full! We are not fat, just pleasantly plump!

But earlier, I was eating the tunnel! -Mr T

This is Orange Girl's favorite spot! She found it on the first day we had our new play pen and claimed it as her own! She shares! -Mr T

I am snoozin'! -Blue Boy!

I'd rather be playin' but I am so tired!

Orange Girl is giving me the business! Love, Blue Boy

Green Boy all stretched out!

I am about to take a nap!

Orange Girl biting Green Boy's ear, while Jenna tell her to stop playing so rough!

Sweet Miss Pink!

Miss Pink about to get up!

Sticking my tongue out! Sorry!

Mr Turq chewing on the toy's ear!

Pink Girl got so excited for Mommie's milk that she flipped for joy!

Mr. Turq is sleeping while he sits up leaning on the toy box!

Our 4 week old birthday meal! Pink Girl is stepping it in!

Gramma added some REAL puppy food tonight and it is simple yummy!

These donut beds are so cozy!

Hi! It's me, Blue Boy! I love to sleep on the top of the pile on my sisters!

This is our first cereal meal!

Snuggles after our cereal dinner!

We are pooped after a romp in ur new playpen!

This is our second meal of yummy cereal!

Puppies and toys!

Where's the puppy?

Me and Blue Boy are licking the bowl clean! Boy, Mommie is going to be mad - she likes that job!

This is our cool new playpen!

This is me, Green Boy! I love the privacy of my own crate and bed! I love my crate at not quite 4 weeks old!

Green Boy relaxing in a pile of toys! He was dreaming about running in the field!

Sweet Kalei just enjoying her babies!

Boy it is getting crowded in here! Time for some cereal!

Six in a row! So pretty! Tonight we will set up the "puppy house" in the living room and start our cereal meals! Oh boy!

We are sharing our new donut bed!

We are three weeks and we are getting sooo big! Nearly 3 pounds each! Green Boy is 3.5!

Sweet Blue Boy napping.

Green Boy and Turq taking a snooze!

Notice Green Boy's arm! :-)

We are nearly 3 Weeks old and on the move!

We are two weeks old and getting big, walking and our eyes and ears are open! Look at me! I am nearly 3 pounds! Love, Green Boy!

This is me, "Turq", walking! I am really fast around my box! Next is the hill in the backyard! :-)

Hi - This is me, Turq, again! I am heading for those sleepy girls!

Puppy Pile! Oh so comfy!

It is fun to make piles of puppies!

Too hot! All spread out now! Even Mommie is laying on the hardwood to get cool!

Silly Orange Girl sleeping on her back!

Kalei and sweet Green Boy

Starting to crawl!

Babies nursing at one week old.

Mommie Kalei keeping Yellow Girl nice and clean!

Nursing and bathing! A daily routine! :-)

We are at the milk bar at 1 week old! Getting bigger!

Hi - We had a trip to see Dr. Jo today. She thought we were beautiful! We cried a lot because we had our dewclaws removed - ouch! And then she cropped our tails (cut 1/3 off!). We are fine now, but it was not our favorite visit! And Dr. Jo is so nice! Confusing! Mommie waited in the car with Grampa Richie - he is really nice!

Back to eating! Mommie has LOTS of good milk at the Milk Bar now!

This picture is two days before we had our dews and tails experience!

Aren't we just cute! Mommie loves us and keeps us clean and fed!

Kalei and babies having breakfast together a couple of hours after delivery! All are going well!

Sweet Kalei resting while her babies nurse. She is a bit tired after the delivery!

Sweet babies all in a row - yes, Yellow Girl is underneath! :-)