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Sienna Pointe's True Blue Sky


Truman loves to hug, either self-initiated or by command. His favorite spot in the evening is on our laps, in the chair & 1/2, so all 3 of us can cuddle. Snow you ask? Well seeing as we are on our 2nd blizzard, it's a good thing he loves it. He has his jacket and he loves to run/play in it. Of course, he enjoys sitting on the fireplace hearth once he gets back to the house! He has boundless energy and really does best with a long morning and evening walk daily. Our area is perfect for long nature hikes and exploring. The neighborhood loves him and he is by far the most popular dog in Stapleton. Everybody, especailly other Vizsla owners, think he is gorgeous. We agree.


Kalei x Sky  (July 2005)

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Too young!


July 29, 2005


Cathy Gallagher - Sienna Pointe Vizslas


Kalei (CH Sunnyside Dawn's Kaleidoscope ROM CGC)


Sky (CH New Dawn's Blue Sky, CDX, RE, JH, ROM )


Lori Barnes and Jeff Ederer