Litter Information

Kalei x Sky  (July 29, 2005)

Sienna Pointe Vizslas and Ginger Tierney proudly announced the birth of eight perfect Vizsla puppies on Friday, July 29, 2005. Kalei gave birth to eight perfect puppies! Her litter consisted of five boys and three girls. All of the puppies are gorgeous, and Kalei is an awesome mommy!

Puppies (click for details)

Clay  (CH Sienna Pte's Trackin' Red Clay)
Keema  (CH Kalei's Keema of Sienna Pointe)
Marley  (Sienna Pointe's Marley)
Nala  (Sienna Pointe Simba's Queen)
Rusty  (CH Sienna Pointe's Rustic Vizion JH, NJP, UAGI, UAGII, DN, NW2)
Scuba  (Sienna Pointe's Scuba Steve JH)
Truman  (Sienna Pointe's True Blue Sky)
Wrigley  (Sienna Pointe's Wrigley)

The day before her delivery!

Quite thirsty!

Eating at Three Weeks

Puppy Pile!

Girls and puppies 3 weeks old!